Many outdoor lighting types and techniques will be used in a lighting designThe design is the most important part of your lighting installation. LightScapes of WNY will work closely with you to design the most flattering and functional system for your property. With all the modern lighting technology and using only state-of-the-art fixtures and techniques, our outdoor lighting designs will enhance features of your property in a unique way.

Popular Outdoor Lighting Types and Techniques:

Using different levels of light and varying outdoor lighting types creates a cohesive, visually stimulating scene. Professional landscape lighting effects dramatically transform an everyday outdoor setting into a work of art.  Enhance the beauty of your business or home by highlighting trees, flora, and shrubs, and by adding dramatic effects to fountains, statues, and other focal points.

Popular outdoor lighting types used by Lightscapes of WNY include: pathlighting, uplighting, deck lighting, moonlighting, and shadow lighting (silhouetting).  Please click on the terms below for quick details of each type.


Pathlighting is a popular outdoor lighting type
Pathlighting adds style and draws attention to locations of paths, curves, stairs, and corners.  The principle purpose of pathlighting is to spread light across walkways to promote safe and efficient movement of foot traffic.  Fixtures are usually installed low to the ground but occasionally may be found on an elevated surface, such as a tree or patio, to cast down light from above.


Uplighting is an outdoor lighting type that illuminates the subject from belowUplighting is the technique most commonly used by design professionals to illuminate trees, sculptures, walls, waterfalls, fountains, and many other outdoor features.  These landscape lighting fixtures are ground-mounted and directed upwards to reduce glare.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is a very popular outdoor lighting typeDeck lighting is a specialty form of accent lighting that highlights your favorite outdoor seating areas.  This technique enhances your conversation groupings by providing a diffuse, warm, and welcoming glow.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is an outdoor lighting type that adds a soft blanket of lightMoonlighting adds a soft blanket of light with a smooth and even, clean illumination to enhance the ambiance of any outdoor setting.  Moonlighting creates a visual effect on the landscape similar to that of a full moon’s natural light.  Lights are mounted high in trees to create a natural looking dispersion of light and shadows across the scenery.

Shadowing & Silhouetting

Shadowing and silhouetting are outdoor lighting types used to create dramaEssentially the same technique as backlighting, silhouette lighting is often used in tandem with shadowing to illuminate the shapes of objects.  This technique requires a vertical backdrop, usually a wall or a fence, on which the shadow will appear.  It significantly changes the scenery by maximizing the depth of the viewing scene.  More so than other lighting techniques, shadowing and silhouetting are two outdoor lighting types that are used to create high drama in an outdoor scene.